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    Faith Rodill

    Hi! Teamzy is great! I wonder if you are working on us being able to:
    create reports of whom we have contacted each week
    Enter sales other than CP or Shakeo HD
    Be able to go back and see whom you connected with yesterday
    Automatically upload sales info and commission info from BBBO

    Just some ideas. It would also be great if there was a bit bigger discount for a yearly subscription but thank you for making that option available.

    :-) Deb

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    Darren Bishop

    I agree with You Debra. I am a new coach and I see the amazing potential with Teamzy. However as a new coach starting out with not a lot of customers and little income coming in, an extra $30 per month (I am guessing that is probably US$ as well) is steep on top of the $150 CAN already being spent for Shakeology and coach fees. I will follow to see if this is something I can afford later on.

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    Barrie T.

    Darren, we hear you! At the same time, we are confident that if you really utilize your free 30 day trial, paying for Teamzy will never be an issue. The monthly investment in your business is less than you make on just one HD sale! We believe Teamzy can help you make many of those!

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